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Prologue: Mr. Two Million Dollars is a prologue to Shadow Warrior (2013).


Lo Wang, a trained assassin, is sent by the powerful Japanese industrial magnate Orochi Zilla to purchase an ancient katana from a collector named Mizayaki for 2 million dollars. Things don't go to plan.


Lo Wang is sent by his employer, Orochi Zilla, to purchase a katana from a collector named Mizayaki for 2 million dollars. On his way to Mizayaki's temple, Wang receives a call from Zilla in which he orders Wang to get the katana that day by any means necessary. Wang arrives at the temple and forcefully proposes the deal to Mizayaki. Mizayaki refuses the offer and leaves his bodyguards to deal with the assassin. Wang tries to take the sword by force, killing Mizayaki's men in the process.

When Wang reaches Mizayaki, Mizayaki reveals his bond with a demon named Hoji. Hoji extracts information out of Wang as to who sent him here in rather painful fashion. When Mizayaki finds out that it was Zilla behind this, he knocks Wang out. Wang wakes up tied to a chair. Mizayaki then proceeds to talk with Zilla through a telecom and two-way video screen. Zilla tries to convince Mizayaki to give up the sword but again he refuses. Suddenly, amid radio static, the connection to Zilla disappears. Mizayaki decides to leave and then one of his men knocks out Wang again.




  1. From the starting area, turn to your right and walk along the bamboo tree wall until an opening appears. Go into the opening and follow the river down to a lantern to find a secret.
  2. From the starting area, walk into a pond. Near the bridge there is a small waterfall. Walking into it will reveal a retro room with a secret.
  3. In the second fighting area, walk up to the other side of the area (don't go to the second floor). Go to the back area where there is a secret in the middle case.


  • The song played in the intro is The Touch by Stan Bush.
  • During the opening cutscene, a statue of Mechagodzilla can be seen on top of the Lo Wang's car dash.


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