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"Having fun little Rabbit? Ha ha!"
Lo Wang, when seeing rabbits mate.

Rabbits is a non-hostile creature encountered in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon. Rabbits are also present in Shadow Warrior (2013), Shadow Warrior 2 and Shadow Warrior 3.



Rabbits found in the game behave the same way a common rabbit would in real world. They are usually have white or brown fur. Rabbits are completely non-hostile to Lo Wang and can't hurt him in any way. The player on the other hand, can kill them without any repercussions. Rabbit will mate with each other from time to time, which will result in a baby rabbit spawning in the area. Lo Wang will comment on these acts. Rabbits can be found in forest levels and on rabbit farm in Level 4.

Hostile Encounters[]

Though most rabbits are harmless, there's two encounters in the original game in which they can hurt or even kill Wang. These are on Level 4 and Level 20. On Level 4, an area can be found that's a representation of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In it, one rabbit sits alone, with bones scattered all around him. If Wang comes closer to him, rabbit will start to hop at Wang and starts slowly killing him. On Level 20, when exploring Zilla's volcano base, a pack of rabbits will attack and try to kill Lo Wang.


Rabbits return in the 2013 reboot. They act the in the same manner as the ones in the Classic. Differently from the Classic, there's now a chance for a Demon Bunny to spawn after killing a rabbit, which is a dark, hostile version of a normal one.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Rabbits are present in Shadow Warrior 2 and are identical to the ones seen in 2013 version. The Demon Rabbits still spawn, albeit now called Bunny Lord.

Shadow Warrior 3[]

Rabbits return in Shadow Warrior 3 and are identical to ones seen in previous two games. The Bunny Lord returns too, but this time as a specialversion of Oni Hanma. Once you kill enough rabbits, a purple bunny icon will appear on HUD, warning about the appearance of Bunny Lord. It then will appear in the next arena. Killing rabbits in New Game+ deals damage to the player, but does not apply “The Curse”. However, the player is permanently cursed and a special version of Oni-Hanma demons now appear on pre-defined arenas more often throughout the game and sometimes in larger numbers with one encounter.