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"Time to get erased! Haha!"
Lo Wang, after obtaining or selecting the weapon.

Rail Gun is a weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.


The Rail Gun in Shadow Warrior can be fired quite quickly and does massive damage, killing lesser Evil Ninjas in one shot. The shots can go through multiple enemies at once, perfect when trying to take out groups. The downside is that ammunition is really scarce and the gun can only hold 20 rounds. The gun is great at long, extra-long ranges.


Stick with using this on lined-up targets so you can damage or kill multiples at once. The Rail Gun is a hitscan weapon, meaning that it hits its targets instantly.

Because of its slow rate of fire and area of effect, refrain from using the Rail Gun in close quarters. Also, the gun's shots can detonate wall cracks, so mind the distance.


  • The gun is based on EMP weapons from the 1996 movie Eraser - even Lo Wang's quote when taking the weapon is a reference to the movie.


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