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Lo Wang, after selecting the weapon.

The Riot Gun is a quad barrel shotgun appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic.


While it may look like a minigun, the Riot Gun is a four-barrel semi-auto shotgun that can also go full-auto, although it needs to be re-chambered every 4 rounds. Riot Gun has two firing modes.

In the first mode, you shoot a concentrated blast via one barrel that will knock an enemy off his feet. In mode 2, you switch to using all 4 barrels of devastation. At close range it's possible to dispatch nearly anything. But be warned. The farther you are from an enemy, the wider the spread, making this weapon less effective.


Alongside the Uzis, the Riot Gun should be your basic weapon, as in semi-auto mode it has very low spread. Alternate mode is best to use when you need to dispatch bigger enemies quickly, including full-sized Rippers and their bigger, brown variant and Guardians at close or even point-blank range.

While a volley can dispatch multiple brown ninjas in one burst, you should stick to semi-auto for this due to the scatter of the pellets as well as basic ammo conservation.


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