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The Riot Gun is a quad barrel shotgun appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


The Riot Gun is a four-barrel single shot shotgun, that deals impressive damage to enemies at close or medium range. Fully upgraded, the Riot Gun becomes a very deadly weapon, which can easily rip through the toughest enemies.


Early on, the Riot Gun works well against weaker grunts. Once the weapon is fully upgraded, it becomes a primary weapon when dealing with bigger and slower enemies like Gassy Obaryion or Oni Hanma.


Ammo Pouch Capacity: Increases Riot Gun ammo pouch capacity by 50%. Cost 1 orb.

Full-Auto: Riot Gun operates in a fully automatic mode. Cost 2 orbs.

No Reloads: Disables reloads, allowing for uninterrupted firing with the Riot Gun. Cost 4 orbs.



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