Ripper is an enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

These large gorilla like creatures are very strong. They will leap at you from long distances, or from below. They can cling to walls above you, waiting to drop at any moment. Or they will charge you at full speed and start ripping at your flesh.

You will not survive long if they are not dealt with. They also drop a heart, which can be used as a weapon. They come in two variations - grey and brown. Brown are much bigger and tougher than normal, grey ones.

Design Edit

Rippers are half gorilla, half reptilian creatures. There are two variants, a grey one and a giant one, Both have a muscular body, sharp teeth and bright red eyes.

Strategy Edit

The Ripper's attack mainly consists of an full on charge at the player, so expect to have close quarters combat. Because of this, it is highly advised to use high damage, high-rate of fire weapons such as the Uzi or Riot Gun(make sure that you use its alternate fire mode). Try gibbing a Ripper for a chance for a heart to appear.

Gallery Edit