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"I like nuclear weapons."
Lo Wang, arming the nuke.

Rocket Launcher is a weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.


Rocket Launcher is a high damage weapon that can blow up even the toughest enemies in a few shots. Explosions have splash damage, so they can take out multiple enemies if close to impact area.

Heat-Seeker Card[]

If you find a Heat-Seeker Card, pressing "5" key again when the weapon selected will activate heat-seeker functionality for the next 5 rockets.

The disadvantage: rockets will dive for any heat source, even open flames. The glowing notches on the launcher shows how many heat-seeking rockets are left to use. Coolies killed with Rocket Launcher won't spawn their ghosts.

Nuclear Warhead[]

Rocket Launcher has the ability to shoot a tactical Nuke that can be found separately in the game (vast majority of the time in secret areas). You can only hold one Nuke at a time. It is selectable by pressing "5" key twice after switching to Rocket Launcher. When chosen for the first time, the weapon starts an announced 3 second countdown before you can fire. The Nuclear Warhead is the most devastating weapon in the game, as it does massive damage to everything caught in its blast radius, blinding everyone in nearby surroundings, as well as letting off gas as fallout at the place of its explosion.


Rocket Launcher is useful for taking out enemies that are far away as rockets have unlimited range to them. Keep in mind that Evil Ninjas will sometimes duck when any kind of rocket is fired right at their face . Nuke is really useful to use against bosses, but beware, it has huge blast radius, so as a rule it's best to not launch nuke in close quarters.


  • Rocket Launcher is the only weapon seen to be used in a cutscene in the original game and its expansions.


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