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"The Seeking Shokera is a floating demon with a bad attitude because he has little feet and can't ever land. He blows up real good though, so have fun blasting him out of the sky."
—In-game description.

The Seeking Shōkera is a type of enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


The Seeking Shōkera is one of the two airborne enemies, the other being the flying Kugutsu, featured in Shadow Warrior 3. It attacks by raining down explosive projectiles on the battlefield. Shōkera is also very mobile and can quickly move around the battlefield. Executing a finisher on it, will grant you the Seeking Eye gore weapon.


The Shōkera is a purple skin, humanoid demon. It wears light red and purple clothes with a blue turban.


The Seeking Shōkera focuses on area-of-denial attacks; he will punish you for getting up-close. He can, however, be very easily killed with just a quick switch between a Basilisk shot and a Crimson Bull shot.

The Seeking Shōkera is airborne, and for this reason, it is recommend getting into the air as well. If you try to attack him from the ground, you will be forced to look up at him, leaving you oblivious to what is going on around you.

You should try to get as far away from him as possible. Getting close will ensure a quick death. He is very mobile, however; when he comes towards you, get on the ground and run away from him before getting in the air again.

Overall, the Seeking Shōkera is a very dangerous enemy that will punish you for not paying attention to him. Get in the air, get as far away from his as possible while still maintaining a reasonable distance, and hit him with one Basilisk shot and one Crimson Bull shot.