"Luck is with you Lo Wang. We will meet again."
—Serpent God to Lo Wang as he escapes during their first encounter.

Serpent God is a boss that appears in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

This is a four armed evil snake like creation of Zilla himself. He can shoot devastating energy bolts from his eyes, and when attacked, will spawn a circle of exploding accursed heads. These heads will launch themselves at Lo Wang in order to protect their evil master.

Design Edit

The Serpent God is made of humanoid-like looking upper part and snake-like looking lower part. The upper humanoid part possess four muscular hands, two of which hold giant swords. On the head there's a head piece resembling two snakes looking at each other. The entire Serpents God body is red with light-brown underbelly.

Strategy Edit

Serpent God is tough enemy that can quickly kill Lo Wang. Best strategy is to first use a nuke on him, to soften him up. Nuke can always be found somewhere near his battle arena. Then keep shooting high damage weapons, like Rocket Launcher or Rail Gun.

Trivia Edit

  • Serpent God is the only boss in the Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions and the first one in the series overall to run away from Lo Wang only to return in the later level.

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