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"A committed environmentalist, the Shaman's motto is: reduce, reuse, reanimate."
—In-game description in Shadow Warrior 2.

Shaman is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.



"Give me a break, this guy is raising corpses!"
Lo Wang, after seeing Shaman summoning skeletons.

Shaman is one of stronger enemy types in the game. Their main ability is to summon Crawler-like looking skeletons. Shaman can shoots fire balls which emit poisonous fumes, that do damage over time and has a stun ability, which posses great range. They can also create a protective bubble around them, that stops any incoming damage but also energizes a number of skeletons that you have to kill before it will go away.

Shamans can cast three energy upstreams at you if their right arm is cut off. Shamans usually accompany other strong demons, making encounters with them really dangerous.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Shaman returns in Shadow Warrior 2. It now can summon Dynomites instead of skeletons and dodge-teleport out of harms way.


Shaman wears ritual clothes with simple rice hat. Three oni masks are on right shoulder. He has long dark beard and three green glowing eyes (third eye is hidden behind the hat). Shaman carries around a staff-spear like weapon.


Cutting the staff wielding arm should be the priority, as it will stop Shaman from resurrecting lesser demons. When faced in group, always focus on killing Shaman first, as he will not only energize the skeletons he summons but resurrect the really aggravating lesser monsters.