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"Possessed accordion? Demonic coffee table? Who the hell knows. These irritating demons use their maniacal laugh to draw you into a conversation you don't want to have."
—In-game description.

Slinky Jakku is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 3.


Slinky Jakku is one of the more unique yokai, appearing in Shadow Warrior 3. It erratically moves around the battlefield, shooting fireworks at Lo Wang all the time. As part of its attacks, it can release large, circular razor blades to hinder trying to follow it too closely. Executing a finisher on Slinky Jakku will grant Swarm Launcher gore weapon.


Slinky Jakku looks like a mix between Jack-in-the-box and a slinky, hence the name. It has three legs, which the creature uses to keep it still, while shooting fireworks at the player, and a pair of arms. Its face has a permanent smile and a frown, which it switches between as it moves around. The yokai also has breasts, suggesting Slinky Jakku to be a female.


The Slinky Jakku spawns circular razor blades that punish you for following it; it shoots projectile fireworks as well, also punishing you for getting too close.

Its health pool is of average size.

I'd recommend hitting it with one Basilisk shot, one Crimson Bull shot, and then one Riot gun shot . If it gets close to you, kill it with this method; if it tries to run, let it. You should always let it retreat, because if you follow it, you'll find yourself getting cut into pieces by a razor blade.

Overall, let it do its own thing, while still trying to kill it if it gets close.

If there are a lot of them and they become hard to ignore, you can always perform a finisher on them if you have the energy.