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"The rock doesn't choose the river, nor the river the rock, yet neither would exist without the other."
—Master Smith about Lo Wang's and Kamiko's "special" relationship.

Smith Masamune was a master smith, the master of Dragon Mountain's dojo and a mechanic appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.


Early Life[]

Smith was born to a Japanese woman Ai Katsumata and an American Leroy Smith. After his mother Ai passes away during birth, Smith was given to Masamune Satoru care. Together they moved into the woods were Satoru took care of the child and taught him the mastery of creating and handling katanas.

After the Collision, Smith notice the growing activity of Yakuza in the streets and their behaviour to use young children. To stop that, Smith decides to open a Dojo where children from the street could find safety and avoid Yakuza. It is here where Smith eventually meets both Hideo and Kamiko. To fund his cause, he opens up a mechanic shop where he eventually meets with Lo Wang.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

When Kamiko is poisoned by Orochi Zilla, he transfers her soul to Lo Wang to put her in his care, something both parties aren't exactly fond of. He then asks Wang to bring three ingredients needed to make a cure for Kamiko. Then he can assign us to first 2 parts of sidequest "Stolen Scrolls" (last one is assigned by Hideo, however in final part of questline player speaks with Smith).

After that he connects with Lo Wang after reaching Outer Gates for the first time, when he announce that ZillaCorps attacks this territory, probably looking for Kamiko body. When Lo Wang arrives he meets Smith heavily wounded by mutated Kamiko body and some dark magic. After putting cure into bottle and discussing for a moment with both Lo Wang and Kamiko he decides - in order to be with them for a little longer - to put his soul into Soul Well.


Smith is a calm, friendly and wise person. His patience runs deep and long, but of course a character like Lo Wang can easily run through this patience. He knows when to be intimidating, something even Lo Wang fears as he will usually stop his dick jokes immediately.


Smith wears a leather vest with black pants and leather gloves.


  • His unusual skin color (for a Japanese native) is due to the fact that his father was an American soldier from WWII.
  • His name and skin color are also a sneaky pun. He is a black Smith that is a blacksmith.
  • Smith's ancestor, Goro Nyudo Masamune, is a well known 13th-14th century swordsmith from Japan.
  • One of his ancestors was responsible for creating Nobitsura Kage.