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Active Sourceports[]


Entering public beta on 21 May 2020, VoidSW had been in development for a long time by the EDuke32 devs. It shares the improvements done to the Polymost renderer through EDuke32 such as palette emulation.


A part of BuildGDX, WangGDX was also released on 21 May 2020. Like the other BuildGDX ports and unlike VoidSW, it comes preloaded with widescreen tiles and will add Twin Dragon and Wanton Destruction to the episode select screen if detected. As of v1.14 (released 26 July 2020) it also supports palette emulation


A port derived from SWP and VoidSW with underlying GZDoom technology.


Historical Sourceports[]


Jonathon "JonoF" Fowler's JFSW was the first source port of Shadow Warrior, released on the same day as the original source release, on 1 April 2005. It would later become the basis for Shadow Warrior Classic Redux.


Developed by ProAsm, SWP forked JFSW.

XL Engine[]

Prototyped Shadow Warrior support prior to its discontinuation (video).

External Links[]

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