"Better watch out, it go boom!"
Lo Wang, after throwing the sticky mine.

Sticky Mine as the name suggest, is a thrown grenade that acts like a sticky mine, appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

Perhaps the sneakiest weapon in Lo Wang's arsenal, this is a small explosive device surrounded by sharp spikes, which will allow it to 'stick' to nearly any surface. Once attached to a floor, wall, ceiling, or even an enemy, there is a 3 second priming timer. Once this timer is set, the bomb will detonate when it's motion detectors sense something near. This can be known from loud beeping sound, the primed mine emits. Lo Wang can hold up to 20 mines at one time. The mines have good splash damage and Coolies killed with them, won't spawn their ghosts.

Usage Edit

The mines are useful when trying to open secret areas or laying traps for oncoming enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • In early game screenshots, the mine didn't have spikes on it and was golden.
  • Shadow Warrior Classic sticky mine marks the first appearance of a sticky bomb in an FPS, an idea which wouldn't catch on until Halo many years later.

Gallery Edit

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