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"Tastes like chicken..."
—Lo Wang, after eating Sumo's eyeball.

Sumo is a boss appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.


This giant nightmare of a Sumo wrestler will meet you with a vengeance. His mass alone will cause damage as he stomps on the ground, sending shock waves your way. Getting too near will yield a Sumo hand clap that will do great damage and leave you disoriented.

He also leaves small pockets of green gas, that if touched by Lo Wang will cause damage over time to him. Sumo's most powerful attack is his fire shock wave, that shoots fireballs in all directions. There also a weaker, smaller variant that behaves exactly like boss Sumo.


Sumo looks like a giant, muscular, sumo wrestler. His eyes glow in bright red and on his body there's multiple, red markings.


It's suggested to get a Ripper heart before facing Sumo, as it will create another damage source to the boss. Keeping distance and always being on the move is the key in defeating this boss. Also watch out for pockets of gas that can quickly lower Wang's health.


  • Lo Wang eating Sumo's eyeball is a jab to Asian cusine.