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"Wow, look at you! Momma's little demon all grown up."
Lo Wang after Claw transforms into a Talon.

Talon is enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.


Talon is heavily mutated demon that serves as a mini-boss in the Shadow Warrior 2. It comes in sizes from large to very large, usually accompanied by other Talons or lesser demons. Talon uses it's size to deal heavy damage through ground pounds and melee. Supreme versions usually have an element affinity, giving them ability to not only dish out elemental damage but also lower the damage sustained from that particular element. Claws have chance to turn into Talon if not killed quickly enough after hitting them.

There is champion version of this enemy - The Chef, which player will meet during side mission The Cookery.


Talon has big heavily disfigured body. He has no facial details except for a large mouth dotted with rows of sharp teeth. Two tentacle like appendages are running from the lower part of his face to his abdominal area.


Talon is very aggressive and will charge directly at Lo Wang, staying in his face. Moving around the environment and jumping to higher places will keep you out of their reach, but they can eventually navigate to reach you. Hard-hitting explosive weapons work best for dealing with them, as their large size makes them easy to hit.