The Cookery is a side mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang must track down the new source of shade in the town.

Storyline Edit

Mamushi Helka tasks Lo Wang with finding out who deals shade around the area without their notice. He tracks down the dealer and press him to give the information of the chef, who produces the shade. The dealer gives the location, but its revealed to be a trap and Wang must fight the protector of the chef. He then comes back to the dealer and gets the true whereabouts of the chef. When he gets to the chef its revealed that he have mutated into a Talon. Wang then proceeds to kill him.

Reward Edit

Champion Edit

  • Protector of the Chef - A powerful version of Shade Fanatic.
  • The Chef - A powerful version of Talon.

For killing the Champion, you receive:

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  • You can find a secret in the abandoned caves. You must find the hidden passage to the underground systems, which can be overgrown with ivy. Later on, pay attention to the shaky looking wall. You must destroy it to gain passage to the lower level and find the secret.
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