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"What's that? You want me to take this? Well I guess it's dangerous to go alone."
Lo Wang, after taking Tosainu for the first time.

The Tosainu Type 13 Revolver is the first ranged weapon that the player gets in Shadow Warrior (2013). It is found in Chapter 1 on a dead security guard near a gaping hole in the left building.


Tosainu is a slow firing revolver that has a cylinder of eight rounds, though it inflicts decent damage per shot against low demons, like Crawlers. The revolvers upgrades further increase it's long range effectiveness and rate of fire.

Though not suited for close range encounters, the rapid fire upgrade fixes this disadvantage. The gun's description states that it's the most powerful and reliable revolver ever made and it is a favored weapon of security advisors worldwide.


Revolver is best suited for headshots as it will kill lower demons instantly. Because of it's high accuracy, it's primary weapon to use against flying birdman. Revolver also works in breaking armor on bosses.


Extended Barrel: Increases accuracy by 50%.

Magazine Upgrade: Holds slightly more ammo.

Lightweight Cylinder: Increases rate of fire by 20%.

Single Action: Adds rapid fire.


  • Upon taking the gun from the dead man, Lo Wang says; "Well, I guess it's dangerous to go alone," referencing the memorable quote from the 1986 game, The Legend of Zelda, and the use of the quote online as a popular internet meme.
  • While the name of the weapon is fictional, the Type 13 bares many similarities to the Chiappa Rhino revolver and the Mateba Model 6 Unica.
  • The Tosainu is named for Japan's largest dog breed, the Tosa Inu (土佐犬). Named for the region it was bred in, the name literally means 'Tosa Dog'. A variety of mastiff, they are large, imposing, stubborn and strong-willied, banned in many countries due to a reputation for viciousness.


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