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"I've heard of trolling but this is ridiculous."
—Lo Wang, when fighting Trolls.

Troll is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013).


Trolls are equipped with shields that protect them from any incoming damage and a spear. Using their shield to block attacks, Trolls use ranged attacks against Lo Wang. When their shield is destroyed they go into melee range. In Rage, they become much tougher and deal more damage, while their movement speed stays the same. They usually appear in packs of five and in later chapters accompany other lesser demons.


Troll has resemblance to traditional Japanese oni demons. He has four horns, long canine fangs. He wears a waist belt, bead necklace and fur leggings. He carries around a spear and a shield, that has oni face on it.


The Katana can quickly cut through their shields, and is advised to take them out first before fighting lesser demons.