Twin Dragon is an expansion to the Shadow Warrior Classic and was released as a free download on July 4, 1998. It was created by Wylde Productions and Level Infinity, and features music by Castles Music Productions.

Gameplay Edit

The game features 13 new levels, new sounds, artwork and a new final boss, Hung Lo, who replaced Zilla.

Plot Edit

The game reveals that Lo Wang has a twin brother, Hung Lo, with whom he was separated in early childhood. Hung Lo becomes a dark person whose goal is to destroy the world. Similar to Master Zilla, he uses the creatures from the "dark side", criminal underworld and Zilla's remnants to further his goals. Lo Wang has to journey through his dark minions, reach his palace and defeat the evil Twin Dragon Hung Lo once and for all. When he reaches the palace, Lo Wang defeats his brother by shooting a nuke at him, which kills Hung Lo in the process.

Gallery Edit

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