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Vanish is a skill featured in Shadow Warrior 2.


Vanish is a skill received after completion of the second main mission My Hero. It's an active skill that lets Lo Wang become invisible. This is a very useful skill that allows you to hide and attack opponents by surprise. It makes an excellent combination with Grip of Darkness. After you cast Vanish, get behind your enemies and use Grip of Darkness.


Tier 1:[]

Unlocked by default.

Tier 1 of Vanish lets Lo Wang to become invisible for 8s and increases damage dealt in melee by +50%. Casting time is 2s while costing 50.0 Chi.

Tier 2:[]

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 2 of Vanish decreases the cost to cast by -25%.

Tier 3:[]

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 3 of Vanish increases the duration by +25%.

Tier 4:[]

Requires 2 skill points

Tier 4 of Vanish increases the bonus to damage dealt in melee by +50%.