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"What part of the name Warlord is confusing to you? He's a lord of freaking war, OK? You want to be hit in the face by dead things, stick around for a minute."
—In-game description in Shadow Warrior 2.

Warlord is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.



"The bigger they are..."
—Lo Wang, when fighting Warlord for the first time.

Warlord is one of the stronger demon types in the game. He possesses multiple abilities and attacks that can counter any Lo Wang attacks. For up close combat, Warlord uses AOE smash attacks, for range, Warlord shoots a row of fireballs. If Lo Wang is too far away, Warlord can stun grapple and bring him forwards to himself. On top of that, Warlord has the ability to force two enemy units that are close to him into rage. With the perk Headhunter, Warlords that you kill will have a chance to drop their head, which can be used as a weapon.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Warlords return in Shadow Warrior 2. Their appearance is fairly similar to the original game. They are more aggressive, however, and will utilize new leaping attacks and are much faster. They can no longer buff demons, but they retain the ability to tether Lo Wang and pull him closer.

A champion variant named The Lord of War appears during the third part of mission Heisenberg.


Warlords are big, muscular and red. They have two horns, one of which is slightly smaller than other. Two mandible like growths are near their mouths. Warlords carry around a huge axe and a blade. They wear a makeshift armor, tied to them with ropes.


When fighting a Warlord, it is best to keep a medium distance as if you get any farther from him, he will use his stun grapple move. Katana and Ki attacks are really effective when fighting him, and with enough damage to either of his arms, you can take away either his ability to send fireballs your way (for the right arm), or to use his stun grapple (for the left arm). Also, it's best to kill the tougher lesser demons, such as Trolls and Warpers, quickly before engaging him, as he will use his ability to enrage them in order to make life harder for you.


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