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"Huh? Did she just.. disappear?"
Lo Wang, after seeing Warper teleportation.

Warper is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013).


Similarly to Birdman, Warpers appear in two types - Dual Katana type and Shuriken type.

Dual Katana type, as the name suggest, wield dual katanas. They tend to teleport next to Lo Wang and then dish out lots of melee damage. If Lo Wang is too far away, Warpers then jump at him for up close melee. When in Rage, they cause a lot more damage.

Shuriken type throws shuriken while keeping good range from Lo Wang. They tend to turn invisible and run away for a set period of time only to appear again in another position. Like other demons, Warpers tend to appear in packs.


Warper is a female demon with white hair and yellow glowing eyes. She is topless and wears only makeshift pants. She has few bones tied to her legs on each of them.


One way to deal with them, is to face Warpers head on, while equipped with katana. Katana Ki abilities can quickly kill them, but remember to dash away if your health gets low. The other strategy is to keep dashing away in a zigzag fashion, while shooting from crossbow or PDW at them.