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"Some artists work with wood, others with flesh. Finally there's tool for both of them."
—In-game description.

Warrrsaw! is a chainsaw appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.


Available from Larry as soon as Larry himself becomes available for business.


It`s a chainsaw. And since Lo Wang is not a lumberjack, you`ll have to settle for hewing meat and bone with this handy implement.

Pro: It can be revved up and held spinning (Alt Attack), dealing continuous damage to an enemy.

Con: It`s NOT a sword, and Lo Wang can not execute special attacks with it. Which makes bonus against small enemies mostly pointless, unless you can find a nook where hordes can attack you only from one direction.


  • The chainsaw's name is a direct reference to the city of Warsaw in Poland, where Flying Wild Hog is based.


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