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"Hail to the king, baby."
Lo Wang, after taking the weapon for the first time.

The Yari Type-24 Rocket Launcher is a rocket launcher in Shadow Warrior (2013) that can be found in a crate during Chapter 10.


Yari Type-24 is the most devastating weapon made by Zilla industries. It can hold up to 3 rockets which can be fired sequentially. While lacking in ammo capacity, the rocket launcher excels in both damage and stopping power.

Yari Type-24 upgrades like laser guidance, increases it's operating range form medium to long range. Heavy warheads and multi-launch upgrades increases the weapon effectiveness against crowds of enemies.


Yari Type-24 works best when used against bosses, especially when combined with multi-launch and heavy warhead upgrades. It's also a good weapon for crowd control.


Laser Guidance: Adds the ability to guide shot missiles.

Multi-Launch: Adds the ability to shoot up to 3 missiles at once.

Heavy Warheads: Increases missile explosion radius by 30%.


  • The rocket launcher is named after yari, a traditional Japanese spear.
  • Lo Wang's quote when taking the weapon for the first time is a reference to the movie Army of Darkness, where the main hero says the same exact line.
    • It could also be a reference to Duke Nukem series, where the same line became a tagline for the main hero.
  • Another Duke Nukem reference can be found in the rockets' name, which are named Nuke Dukem.
  • The rocket launcher could be inspired by the triple-barrelled Rocket Launcher from the Unreal Tournament series.


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