You Only Die Twice is one of the two novels based on Shadow Warrior Classic game. It was written by Ryan Hughes and published by Pocket Books.

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Cover of the novel

Lo Wang: The Shadow Warrior. The darkness made whole, the night made flesh. Master of all martial arts. Master of all explosive weapons.

These talents are of little use to Lo Wang, trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed mountain. As his air and life slip away, Lo Wang searches the early days of his career for the inspiration to fight on, for the sake of his vengeance and the survival of the planet Earth.

From his days at the feet of his own master to his betrayal at the hands of the master criminal for whom he would have given his life, through his daring escape from certain death, Lo Wang has never let anything stand in his way. Against the odds he will find a way to survive, defeat those who threaten both him and the world, and make clear that if you're the Shadow Warrior... You Only Die Twice.

Trivia Edit

  • The titles of the novels parody titles in the James Bond book series by Ian Fleming.
    • This one parodies book title, You Only Live Twice.