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"Hey, could you put an apple on your head real quick?"
Lo Wang when shooting bow.

Yumi is a projectile based weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.


A drop from the miniboss The Sharpest Spike (souped up Thorntail) in the story mission Hot Blooded.

The bonus gives 5% chance to change target into rabbit on hit.


Yumi is one of the earliest obtainable weapons with high single shot damage. As such, it tends to fill out the sniping and bosskilling niches, at least until something hotter comes along. As a projectile weapon, it can accept a number of interesting modification upgrades.

Special effect is amusing, but triggers far too rarely to have a notabler impact on playing strategy.


  • Before the release Yumi was named just as Bow. It is still referred to as a Bow - just in japanese.
  • Lo Wang's quip about putting an apple on the head is a reference to the apple-shot—a feat of marksmanship with a bow or crossbow that occurs as a motif in a number of legends in Germanic folklore.


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