"Woof... that is one ugly ass shotgun."
Lo Wang, after taking the weapon for the first time.

The ZICS-C Shotgun is a double barrel shotgun in Shadow Warrior (2013), that can be found jammed between emergency exit doors in Chapter 7.

Overview Edit

ZICS-C Shotgun double barreled shotgun, that holds up to two shots. It's best to use for close range encounters, otherwise there's big accuracy and damage drop off, between medium and long ranges. Because of it's unusual shape the shotgun often referred as "the hair dryer".

The shotgun is best weapon for close range encounters in the game, especially when upgraded with quad pack, which adds two additional barrels and firestorm, which adds the ability to unload all barrels at once.

Usage Edit

The ZICS-C excels at close range and works really well against Berserkers and Mothers, because of their behavior to charge the player.

Upgrades Edit

Firestorm: Adds the ability to unload all barrels at once.

Quad pack: Adds two additional barrels.

Double Shell Clips: Adds the ability to load two shells at once.

Trivia Edit

  • The shotgun very closely resembles the WSTE-M combat shotgun from the Marathon game series both in looks and the way the name is written.

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