"As Orochi Zilla famously said, 'if you want to demoralize the enemy, dehumanize yourself'. Nothing does that better than an exosuit that packs rockets, machine guns and a host of other cruelty sectors. Look ma, no humanity!"
—In-game description.

ZL-Mechs are robot enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

ZL-Mechs are tough and heavily armed robots usually met in Zilla City. Throughout the game, the player will meet few different variants:

  • ZL-209, which appears in the game as regular enemies. There are 3 variants: Regular, Tough and Elite with various elemental weakness/immune/resistance combinations.
  • Transistor ZL-260, a champion which appears during story mission Industrial Espionage;
  • Kyoko & Kagami (controlling 2 robots from a distance) - as a mid-boss duo at the end of quest Heisenberg, part 3;
  • Resistor ZL-260, a champion which appears during story mission Violent Takeover;
  • Zilla Mechanoid, a heavily modified ZL-260 which serves as a 3rd boss;

Design Edit

ZL-Mechs are huge metal robot suits with two machine guns in the place of the hands. They red glowing lights in front of them.

Strategy Edit

Zilla Mechs are tough and large but slow enemies, what makes attacks from far distance very effective, especially with weapon infused with element they are weak to. Attacks with melee weapons are not recommended. Because of their very high health, it is recommended to deal with other enemies first. When they are isolated, it becomes much easier to dodge their attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • While fighting T-209 player can rarely hear tauting made by Kyokagami Twins.
  • ZL-209 could be reference to ED-209 from Robocop.

Gallery Edit