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"This sure looks like it could put holes in some bodies."
Lo Wang, after shooting ZP-1 PDW for the first time.

The ZP-1 PDW is a submachine gun in Shadow Warrior (2013) that can be found in an abandoned police cruiser in Chapter 2.


The gun, while lacking stopping power, excels in rate of fire and has a magazine size of 80 rounds. It can be upgraded with a laser sight for better accuracy, a match grade barrel for increased damage, and dual-wielding for increased effectiveness. Because of it's low accuracy the weapon is best suited for medium to short range fights.


ZP-1 PDW is great to use against suicidal Mothers, as the weapon fire rate can keep up with their speed. It's also works well as crowd control weapon.


Laser Sight: Increases accuracy by 25%

Match Grade Barrel: Increases damage by 25%

Akimbo: Alternate fire that inflicts more damage with a second ZP-1 PDW


  • According to its description, Zilla Industries had to stop producing this weapon after they lost a lawsuit with a German defense manufacturing company. This was likely Heckler & Koch, as the weapon is clearly based on the HK MP7.
  • On the guns handle there is a sticker with the national flag of Japan.
  • PDW is an abbreviation of Personal Defense Weapon, which is appropriate for its use in game.
  • The ZP-1 PDW fills the role of the Uzi from the original Shadow Warrior.


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