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"Time to die, Lo Wang!"
—Zilla, from Shadow Warrior Classic.

Zilla (Classic) is the main antagonist in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansion, Wanton Destruction.


Shadow Warrior Classic[]

At the beginning of the game. Zilla is one of the most powerful people in Japan, being the president of Zilla Enterprises, which controls every major industry in the nation. Lo Wang, his most trusted bodyguard and assassin have helped him to eliminate any competitors through assassination.

Until one day, Lo Wang discovers his true scheme, which is to conquer Japan using creatures from the "dark side". After finding this out Lo Wang decides to quit. Zilla realizes the threat that Lo Wang poses and sends his forces to kill him. Ultimately, his forces fail and Lo Wang tracks down Zilla to his secret base inside a volcano. There, Zilla faces Wang and tries to eliminate him. After a tough battle, Lo Wang manages to defeat Zilla, but before he can finish him, Zilla escapes.

Wanton Destruction[]

Following his defeat and retreat, where most of his forces had been destroyed, Zilla decides to hire mercenaries from China to do his bidding and with enough forces, he sets to find and kill Lo Wang once and for all.

Zilla manages to find out, that Lo Wang is in America, visiting his relatives and decides to use that opportunity to kill him. However, once again his forces fail and Zilla must face off Wang for the last battle. In the end, Lo Wang defeats Zilla, killing him once and for all.


Zilla seems to be cold and ruthless, killing any competitors in his way. His lust to control every major industry in Japan, lead to him wanting to conquer entire Japan. Although it is hinted, that he was not always this way and that taking over all industries in Japan made him corrupt.

Boss Strategy[]

In the Classic, Zilla uses his samurai-mech to fight Lo Wang. He shoots waves of rockets at him. The battles with Zilla come not from the boss itself, but from the arena. In Shadow Warrior Classic, the volcano arena is a moving platform that sways in left and right. And if Lo Wang isn't careful, he can easily fall of the platform to his death. In Wanton Destruction, the arena is much easier to navigate and offers lots of cover, but there are multiple exploding barrels, that can easily kill Lo Wang if detonated.

The Zilla's mech is easily taken down by using the rocket launcher or the rail gun. It is also entirely possible to punch Zilla to death, as shown by the following video[1], but due the fact that he explodes apron death, it is advised to finish him of from a distance with the above-mentioned weapons'.


Zilla appears in a giant samurai mech. Inside the mech, he's seen wearing a red suit.