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Zilla Attack is a story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.


Smith Masamune tasks Lo Wang to return to Dragon Mountain as fast as possible.


After discovering a source of crude leakage Smith contacts Lo Wang and says, that Zilla attacked Dragon Mountain, probably looking for Kamiko's body. Therefore, he says, that he should "return with all haste". Unfortunately due to lack of monument, Kamiko can't teleport directly to Hub Tow, and players spawns near road to Dragon Mountain. After a tense fight Lo Wang reaches the place, where he meets Hideo, which says that Smith "was greatly wounded".

Few moments later he discovers that Smith was hit by Kamiko's corrupted body and will not last long. Therefore, he asks to bring a flask a cure, meditates for a last time and puts his soul to the Soul Well. Lo Wang goes to city center, where he meets Corrupted Kamiko. Body, after health depletion, mutates to version known as Devouring Kamiko and escapes the Dragon Mountain. Few moments later there is a message from Ameonna and Lo Wang goes to her palace.


  • Skill Point/Orbs of Masamune
  • King Skeletor (while going for flask with cure)



There are 6 fortune statues and 2 Easter Eggs in this mission

  • First statue is undear a stone bridge near starting point;
  • Second statue is behind a barricade near place, where road collapsed;
  • Third statue is under a brigde near white car and group of Zilla Corps soldier. There is a also a waterfall;
  • Fourth statue is under a wooden bridge shortly after entering Dragon Mountain;
  • Fifth statue is in the place with drones and Herculon. While wooden brigde is on the right, statue will be at the end of short channel on the left. There is also an Easter Egg - heart with description "J+S";
  • Sixth statue is the room while flask with cure for Kamiko's body in front, room with secret will be on the right. There is also an EE - classic girl on a bed;


(to be completed)


(to be completed)